JUT15-4X2.5-P(Pluggable Din Rail Spring type distribution Lever Lock Through Wal Terminal Block)

For power distribution blocks, the terminal blocks can be bridged with each other using conductor shafts. Working current: 24 A, Operating Voltage: 690 V. Wiring method: Push-in spring connection. Rated wiring capacity: 2.5mm2. Installation method: NS 35/7.5, NS 35/15.

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Can be installed vertically or parallel to DIN rail, saving up to 50% of rail space. It can be installed by DIN rail, direct installation or adhesive installation, which is more flexible to use. Time-saving wire connection thanks to tool-free push-in connection technology. Modules can be installed immediately without manual bridging, saving up to 80% of time. Different colors, the wiring is more clear.
Connection method In-line
Number of rows 1
Electric Potential 1
Number of connections 4
Open side panel NO
Insulation Materials PA
Flame retardant grade, in line with UL94 V0
Application field Widely used in electrical connection, industry, etc.
Color gray、dark gray、green、yellow、cream、orange、black、red、blue、white、purple、Brown
Load contact
Stripping length 8 mm — 10 mm
Rigid Conductor Cross Section 0.14 mm² — 4 mm²
Flexible conductor cross section 0.14 mm² — 2.5 mm²
Rigid Conductor Cross Section AWG 26 — 12
Flexible Conductor Cross Section AWG 26 — 14
Thickness 28.8mm
Width 58.5mm
Height 21.7mm
NS35/7.5 High 32.5mm
NS35/15 High 40mm
NS15/5.5 High 30.5mm
Ambient temperature (operating) -60 °C — 105 °C (max. short-term operating temperature RTI Elec.)
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -25 °C — 60 °C (for a short time, not exceeding 24 h, -60 °C to +70 °C)
Ambient temperature (assembled) -5 °C — 70 °C
Ambient temperature (execution) -5 °C — 70 °C
Permissible humidity (storage/transport) 30 % — 70 %
Flame retardant grade, in line with UL94 V0
Insulation Materials PA
Insulation material group I
Requirements, voltage drop Passed the test
Voltage drop test results Passed the test
Temperature rise test results Passed the test
RoHS No excessive harmful substances
1. The maximum load current of a single clamping device must not be exceeded. 2. When installing multiple terminals side by side, it is recommended to install a DIN rail adapter below the terminal point, or a flange between the terminals.
Connections are standard IEC 60947-7-1
Standard test IEC 60947-7-1
Pollution level 3
Overvoltage class III
Rated voltage(III/3) 690V
Rated current(III/3) 24A
Rated surge voltage 8kV

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